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QHHT / Past Life Regression / BQH

A peek into your souls journey

Why Explore Past Lives?

There are tremendous benefits in taking time to delve into past lives. Insights will be revealed to you that you may not otherwise consider in this life. Also, helpful information will come up for you to learn from and guide you in your current existence.

Your Souls Growth

It can take many lifetimes to achieve a spiritual understanding in a certain lesson such as unconditional love, forgiveness, trust, patience, tolerance and kindness. Each lesson will be repeated through lifetimes in multiple different ways so you can learn all the angles and different aspects of these lessons. That's how you develop your soul qualities that shine through your personality, nature and character.

We Can't Forget Karma

It's an inescapable spiritual law. Its cause and effect, it can be "good" or "bad". The only question is are you spiritually aware or not. That means taking responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions. This can help you overcome and reduce any karmic debt that you may have while spiritually growing.

This is a very big concept for a past life regression session. We have soul groups that we incarnate with and learn lessons from. These souls show up as important people in our lives such as parents, siblings, partners, our children, friends and who we think are our worst enemies. During a session you can learn who and why certain people are in your life now and what they are trying to teach you.

The Higher Self

QHHT® Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a powerful tool to help us connect with that all knowing part of ourselves that has been called the Higher Self, The Oversoul or the soul itself. This modality aids us to engage with the Higher Self for knowledge and the ability to heal the physical body or wounds that we carry around that are rooted in trauma from past lives or from lessons being learned in a person’s current life. Your Higher Self has been with you from the very beginning, it is your soul consciousness. You are always connected. Regardless of age, gender, religious beliefs or cultural backgrounds, you will experience what is meant for you at this time. By allowing your "monkey mind" to step aside and let the soul essence forward to guide you to your highest possible state of being.

What to expect

All sessions are private and confidential remote through Zoom or in my office in Nacogdoches, TX. I do ask that you refrain from alcohol or any recreational drugs for 24 hours prior. Sessions last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. We spend the first part talking about your life experience up until the day of your session. Everything about you is important and I hold a safe space for you to let it all out! Every significant experience has shaped your perspective in life to bring you here to this point. Next is the induction process using visualizations and engaging your senses. It's a very relaxed, natural state of awareness that we are in when first waking up and right before falling asleep. At this stage, your ego mind takes a break and your soul goes on a journey! My job is to ask questions about what it is that you are observing. We then connect to your Higher Self for answers and any healing that is appropriate at this time. I then guide you up to the waking state of awareness where we will go over the session and what you experienced. Please allow yourself the day off from any responsibilities so that you can integrate new perspectives or emotions that can come up. Give yourself some reflection time. Also, make sure to have a nourishing meal afterwards to grounding and selfcare. It's important. For later reference, I record all sessions for you to review as many times as you may need. It's an amazing and enlightening experience that I hope brings you understanding, acceptance and unconditional love to your soul.

What people are saying

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I've struggled my entire life in the area of romantic relationships. Doing a past life regression with Beth was by far the most powerful process to releasing the blocks that kept me going round and round in circles in unhealthy relationship patterns. I left with so much more insight and understanding of myself and belief structures, all of which have contributed to chronic heartache and disappointment. Beth is very kind, compassionate and makes you feel very comfortable in the process. I highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of a deeper awareness around their life's challenges.

— Jayne

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Due to prior personal experiences, I was curious about exploring QHHT as modality to help others unveil who they are. As part of this exploration I needed to experience QHHT myself and Beth kindly facilitated my first session. When using any modality that helps one tap into greater aspects of consciousness, you never know what will come to the surface especially in regard to emotion and thoughts. As you can imagine, when entering these vulnerable spaces the first thing you want is someone you can trust. It was immediately obvious to me that Beth was such a person as she listened intently at length, asked clarifying questions, and held no judgement. Her compassion, interest, and focus were felt. During the session, she was not thrown off as I dropped into a rather intense past life and was patient as I was slow in allowing my higher self to transparently answer questions. An important part of what came through in the session was material that was connected to ongoing deep work I had been processing on the nature of being, stillness, aloneness, emptiness/fullness. Spaces that I had started to avoid because certain aspects were too difficult for me to look at at the time. What came through in the session helped me to sit directly with these things over the coming months and integrate them. If you feel pulled to this modality, I highly recommend selecting Beth as your facilitator.”

— Conner

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