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Group Regression

Group Regression

A fun way to explore your subconscious in a group setting

Past Life Regression

This is a fun way to enjoy a mini session of subconscious exploration in a group setting. Past Life Regression is a gentle form of hypnosis that takes an individual back in time to their previous lives or incarnations by accessing memories and experiences that are normally hidden deep in our subconscious.

I guide you out of the busy noisy daily life and into a state of peace and quiet allowing you to explore. Possible examples include but not limited to:

Soulmate connections

Deep connections to people, places or other cultures

Key lessons learned in other incarnations

Understanding where your limiting beliefs came from in order to clear them up in this life, allowing you to live your highest timeline now!

To Share or not to share

To share or not to share...

Remember, this is your personal journey to experience. You can share in the post session discussion or just listen to what others experienced. Journaling is also a great idea for remembering the details and for looking back on to connect the dots. It's up to you!

What people are saying

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I was recently involved in a group regression led by Beth with Soulitude. It was my first past life regression. In it I saw a simple life where the pain of loss and poverty were eclipsed by love and the joy of being connected to and surrounded with family. I carried this feeling with me through Thanksgiving and was able to hold space for gratitude rather than resentment or drama.

— Nicole

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I recently joined a past life regression group session led by Beth, and it was fantastic. She ensures a safe and supportive space to explore past lives, making the whole experience truly worthwhile.

— Heather

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Beth is amazing! Incredibly professional while making the entire experience fun at the same time. It's been a complete joy to work with her as well as motivating on my personal path. I highly recommend Beth to all on this journey and feel absolutely blessed the universe crossed our paths. Wonderful group regression feeling more than comfortable from the start to finish.

— Scott

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I need to prepare before the session?

Drink plenty of water and show up relaxed! It's important to have an open mind with no expectations, your soul is in charge.

How long is a group regression?

Typically 1 1/2 to 2 hrs total. I like to spend time introducing you to what regressions are about and why they are a good tool for your souls growth. Then a short centering meditation and the regression. Afterwards, we will spend time sharing experiences, journaling and asking any questions you may have.